Bahay CAREgiver Services will help you assess the benefits of hiring a caregiver and whether a caregiver is the right option for your family.
The following are some topics that you may want to consider in making your decision to hire a caregiver.

Making the Right Decision

Families with preschool children face important decisions regarding how and in what manner their children will be cared for especially during the daytime.  Between childbirth and age six, your child will develop rapidly.  Before your son or daughter is ready to enter Grade One, he or she will have undergone tremendous physical, emotional and social development.  The care received during the first six years of your child’s life is very important.  With the need for both parents to earn a paycheck, you may be considering what environment is best for your child while you are at work.  An increasing number of families deciding to hire a caregiver (i.e., nanny) to help care for their child.

Finding a Nanny

To find a nanny you can look in many places, including help wanted ads in newspapers and magazines or posted on the internet, bulletin boards and referrals from friends. These approaches can be time-consuming and also can result in negative experiences, especially when using the internet.

Characteristics of a Nanny

A nanny is a child care specialist. A nanny’s workplace is in a family’s private home and his/her job is providing one-on-one attention and the best possible care for the family’s children. The work may be full-time or part-time, and the nanny may or may not live with the family. The nanny’s role is to provide support to the family by serving as a loving, nurturing and trustworthy companion to the children. A nanny tends to have special child care skills and a deep love and understanding of children. A nanny offers the family convenient, high quality care to meet each child’s physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs.



Duties and Responsibilities of a Nanny

A nanny is responsible for the complete care of their employer’s children. Duties include tending to each child’s basic physical needs, meal planning and preparation, laundry and clothing care, organization of play activities and outings, providing behavioral guidelines and disciplining when appropriate, intellectual stimulation, language activities and provide transportation when required. Housekeeping responsibilities are primarily child related.  Bahay CAREgiverServices helps families develop a list of duties and responsibilities.  It is important to establish as early as possible the duties and responsibilities of your caregiver.

Consistent Care

The caregiver will be solely devoted to the needs of your children. The caregiver knows your children’s needs and requirements.  Daycare centres typically have a high-turnover of staff and, therefore, can not offer the same consistent level of service.  At a daycare centre your child is just one of many children.  Hiring a caregiver provides consistent quality care.

Skills and Training

Nannies available from Bahay CAREgiver Services have a range of skills and experience. 

Finding the Right “Fit”

Certainly your caregiver requires the right skills and experiences for the specific needs of your children and family. More importantly, however, you and your children need to be comfortable with the personal qualities of your nanny.  A nanny must be able to communicate well with both children and parents. Depending on the individual family, the nanny may be treated as an employee, a cherished friend or as a member of the family. Bahay CAREgiver services have developed a detailed screening process that helps to match the right caregiver with the needs of your family.  We will help you develop a list of priorities to help you choose the best nanny for your family. For example: What qualities are important to you? Flexibility? Enthusiasm? Independence? A good sense of humor? Do you want someone young and energetic who actively plays with your children? Would you prefer someone older with more life experience? How much experience and/or education is important to you in the nanny who will care for your children?

Cost Effective

Caregivers are typically paid about $10 per hour and work a standard 40 to 44 hours per week which is considerably less expensive than a for-profit daycare centre.