Bahay CAREgiver Services understands that your parents are important and dear to you.  The health and quality of life of your parents naturally becomes more and more of a concern as they advance in age.  However, demands of work and your children is placing you under considerable pressure.  You may be considering a retirement or nursing home for your parent. 
image3716Bahay CAREgiver Services is dedicated to helping families that want to provide their mother or father with the enjoyment, freedom and security of living in their own home.  We are here to help you maintain a high quality of life for your parents in their own home.
The following are some topics that you may want to consider when hiring a caregiver:

Making the Best Decision

The decisions regarding the care of your parent is an important one.  After all, your parent is one of the most important persons in your life.  Your parent needs to be comfortable with a caregiver living and working in the home.  If possible, it is important that you discuss the situation with your parent and other family members, particularly any siblings. To help you, Bahay CAREgiver Services will come to your home for a free no obligation assessment.

Maintaining Independence

Hiring a caregiver allows elderly to enjoy living in their own home and avoids the stress of moving to a retirement or nursing home. Bahay CAREgiver Services is committed to ensuring that your mother or father continues to live in their own home until this is no longer the best option.

Finding the Right Match

If a caregiver is the preferred option—then finding right match is critical to receiving the long-term benefits of your caregiver.

Live-in or Live-Out

Not all caregivers need to live with your parent, but in some cases this may be required. Bahay CAREgiver Services has a number of caregivers willing to provide either live-in or live-out services.

Consistent Care

The caregiver will be solely devoted to the needs of your parent— they don’t work for anyone else. The caregiver knows your family’s needs and requirements. Retirement and nursing homes typically have a high turnover of staff and, therefore, can not offer the same consistent level of service.  At an old age home, your parent is just one of many clients.  Hiring a caregiver provides consistent quality care.

Providing a Range of Services

Live-in caregivers provide multiple services over an extended period of time, including cooking, cleaning, general errands, assists with outings etc.  Old aged homes offer only limited services during business hours.

Family Benefits

Hiring a caregiver benefits not just your mother or father but the entire family.  The caregiver will enable you to enjoy a higher quality time with your mother or father.

Cost Effective

Caregivers are typically paid about $10 per hour and work a standard 40 to 44 hours per week which is considerably less expensive than a private retirement home.